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Corporate Wellness Chair Massage

Corporate Wellness Chair MassageCorporate Wellness Chair Massage
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About Us


Who We Are

Carefully-Vetted Therapists

Carefully-Vetted Therapists

AZ Chair Massage Professionals is founded by JoAnn Clinton who is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Arizona.

Working in the field of Information Technology for 21+ years, JoAnn understands what it's like to sit in a chair for hours on end in a high-pressure job.  It's this perspective that helps her to really empathize with your employees.

JoAnn has thousands of hours in training and client care. JoAnn has been providing corporate wellness services since 2012.  She prides herself   in facilitating a fun, relaxing chair massage event for every employee, management and event planner.


Carefully-Vetted Therapists

Carefully-Vetted Therapists

Carefully-Vetted Therapists

In order to provide you with the best experience, AZ Chair Massage Professionals has partnered with carefully vetted therapists across Arizona.  

We only work with professionals who are just as passionate about corporate wellness as we are.

AZ Chair Massage Professionals only works with therapists who are licensed and insured.


Rewarding Your Employees

Carefully-Vetted Therapists

Rewarding Your Employees

 Your most valuable assets are your employees.  In many cases, chair massages are a less expensive perk than buying your department lunch.  
After a stressful project close, reward your employees with a 15-minute chair massage for a job well done! 


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Why Chair Massage


Benefits Of Chair Massage In The Workplace

  • Improved employee morale increases productivity.  
  • Increase employee retention.  When employees feel well taken care of, they tend to stay.
  • 15-minute chair massage results in decreased job stress, increased alertness
  • Relieves muscle pain and headaches
  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves fatigue



Studies by the Touch Research Institute in Miami, Florida, show that the benefits of chair massage have quick results. Immediately after massage sessions, the subjects experienced a change in brain waves in the direction of heightened alertness and better performance on math problems(completed in less time with fewer errors).At the end of the five-week study period, subjects reported reduced job stress and elevated moods. This was in addition to the usual benefits of massage, relief of muscular tension, revitalized energy, and a stronger immune system.


Seated Chair Massage

The term "Chair Massage" describes the type of massage that is performed while the client sits fully clothed in a special chair. This unique massage chair is ergonomically designed and offers full support of the head (face forward), arms, torso and legs. 

Employees do not have to worry about returning to work feeling "oily or greasy" . 

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